To Our YouTube Creators

We would like to introduce you to some official information provided by YouTube. Feel free to take advantage of it.

Creator Self-Study Resources

  1. YouTube Creator Academy
    This is a collection of lessons and tips provided by YouTube to help you strengthen your skills.
  2. YouTube Creator Academy: Gaming
    This provides a collection of hints and strategies for making gaming videos.

Latest Information for Creators

  1. Creators: The Official YouTube Partners & Creators Blog
    This site contains information on YouTube events, new features, and more.
    We recommend checking it regularly.
    Additional resources and information for creators are available on the YouTube Creator Hub. Check it out.

Tools and Materials for Creators

  1. YouTube Audio Library
    This site has free music and sounds provided by YouTube. You can use them in your YouTube videos.
  2. YouTube Space
    These are physical locations provided by YouTube for creators to go to learn, produce content, and more.